Begin the trek to the pretty Chembra Peak from the watch tower at the base. Pick up the trail along a line of trees, which will then give way to grassy terrain. About two hours into the trek you will come upon a surprise – a heart-shaped mountain lake, nestled between the hills and filled to the brim. The sight will fill your heart with joy and you will wonder at nature’s bounty here in a fresh water lake in the shape of a perfect heart! Our guide is sure to tell you that the lake has never dried up not even during the harsh summer months! The enchanting lake attracts couples who make the trek to profess love in the misty monsoon months and you wont be surprised to see a romantic proposal or two. Butterflies swarm around your heads, pretty flowers in the grass all make it seem surreal on a misty, cloudy morning.

Once you are done with photography and the sights move on towards the peak summit. The trail gets steep and on an angle along ridges. Don’t forget to snatch glances of what you left behind even as you spot the peak emerge from the mist. The Chembra Peak is part of the Western Ghats and hence a part of protected forests. The whole region is a no plastic zone. The forest officials are serious about conserving flora and fauna. Off and on they close the summit region to protect nesting birds and rare orchids. If you do happen to come around these times, we will arrange the trek from further down and up to the ‘Love Lake’ or ‘Hrudaya Saras’ as it is called locally. Such a trek would be about five kilometres long instead and still a great idea for Wayanad.

At the summit, stop to see the panoramic views of the forests below and the mountain ranges on the side. Relax and enjoy a packed lunch before heading back to the base of the mountain. Get back before sundown to avoid encounters with the wild animals here. We arrange this trail all year round, but the monsoon months have a special charm even with the leeches that crawl on to your feet. Our guide will sprinkle salt or tobacco on to the leeches and you can watch them shrivel up and fall off your skin. Keep in mind that the sun is harsh during the summer and there is no shade on the mountain. Don’t forget to drink water, wear caps and apply sunscreen. You are lucky when it is a cloudy day with a little mist (happens a lot) and the whole experience takes on new meaning and fills the heart and soul with joy!


  • All forest entry and other Permit fees
  • First Aid kit
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Water/Snacks


  • Transportation (We can provide for extra cost with pick-up from anywhere in Wayanad)
  • Photography charges if any
  • Personal expenses
  • Service Tax


  1. Book for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 30
  2. Special discount rate for groups of more than 4 people
  3. Duration – 7 hours
  4. Available around the year but best during monsoon
  5. Packed meal can be provided at an extra charge
  6. Remember to not make noise to disturb the animals and birds
  7. Do not leave behind any plastic as this is a plastic-free zone
  8. Begin trek by 7:00 – 7:30 AM
  9. Return before dusk as the animals tend to roam the area at nightfall
  10. Activity level – Hard but suitable for families
  11. Current security concerns may require us to re-route some treks in Wayanad & the description above may vary
  12. Trek to the summit may be restricted by the Forest Department to protect nesting birds and rare orchids
  13. We start the trek from a slightly lower point and go up to the lake lake to ensure a good trekking experience.


  • Cap, sunscreen
  • Trekking shoes or jungle boots
  • Water bottles
  • Waterproof jackets for wet weather
  • Electric torch with extra battery cells


  • From Kalpetta in Wayanad, reach the small town of Meppadi, which is half an hour away by bus.
  • From Meppad mosque, the base watch tower is 7 km away from the main road.
  • Parking available if you have your own vehicles

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